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Organic Garden

From the time she was a child, Karen has been involved with organic gardening. She learned to plant and harvest with both her Grandma Kretzer and her father. When she had a family of her own, she and Neal would always try to have a vegetable garden at their home. Canning, freezing, and drying of fruits and vegetables filled the summer and fall months, resulting in wonderful meals throughout the year.

Here at the estate, we are developing a series of raised beds out the back door by the kitchen for herbs. These are picked fresh from the garden in the morning for breakfast each day. In addition, more beds are planted in seasonal greens and edible flowers which add to the variety of flavors and color on the plates.

Behind the inn the family is beginning to plant blueberry bushes, strawberries and wild huckleberries. Watch for all of these berries to appear in your breakfasts during the coming seasons.

As is always the case, we continue to be very careful stewards of the earth, using methods to add to the soil, maintain the insect population, and not add pollutants to the environment when managing the garden and the raised beds. You will even see our hens in the gardens in the fall and winter months where they eat bugs, weed seeds, and add fertilizer to the soil.

Be sure to visit our gardens when you visit the inn. We encourage you to sample whatever is ready to be tasted!